Narrow Road Productions was the first production company started by New Mexico filmmaker Joshua Sallach in 2003. Under this banner, Joshua produced several short films and various contract video projects, as well as developed software, websites and rich internet applications. It became the hub of his business activity.

However, Narrow Road Productions is no longer in use. This page is here for historical reasons.

In 2009, Joshua established the company Eventide Film Productions, LLC, which helped produce two of his films, Never Land and Under the Stairs. For Joshua's web development, programming, video production, and other contracting work, Joshua uses the company Joshua Sallach Creative, LLC. If you are interested in hiring Joshua, you may visit the site for information on how to contact him and to see examples of his professional work.

Joshua has started a new company, Imbroglio Films, with producers James Kwan and Kieran McGowan, and will be producing future projects under this label.

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Contact: Joshua Sallach. (347) 746-7797 or (505) 401-2673